A good introduction to one of our masters courses.  Can be taken intensively over the summer, or spread out over the year, in the evenings

At the end of this module, students should have a broad understanding of the major philosophical theories and the different schools of thought in psychotherapy and coaching, including:

  • psychoanalytic
  • psychodynamic
  • cognitive behavioural

There will be less emphasis on existential/humanistic methods, which will be dealt with in a separate module.  A historical perspective will be sketched out and some of the fundamental concepts will be introduced

This module covers the theory and practice that formed the 'third wave' of psychotherapy developments in the 20th. century and has since given rise to the main alternatives to psychodynamic and behavioural therapies.

This module explores the wide array of human issues that the practice of psychotherapy, counselling and coaching sets out to address. Students will gain an insight into:

  • ethical considerations and codes of practice
  • issues of power in the therapeutic and coaching relationship
  • the implications of sexuality, cross-cultural and gender issues
  • emotion and human relationships
  • time-limited and open-ended therapy and coaching
  • the concepts of Mental Health and Illness and the implications of these concepts in the health care system
  • loss and bereavement