A ten week course, covering different viewpoints on existential and human issues:

  1. Do people have a nature? What happens to it during crises or transitions, or when facing death?  What part do emotions play in resolving these crises?
  2. Anxiety in depth
  3. Sexuality: does sexual passion exist to provoke existential crises, or does it hold relationshiPTS together and so reduce crisis?
  4. Where am I going in my life? Meaning
  5. Life event theory and its link to crisis theory
  6. Large brains and large social groups: do they determine what is human about human nature?
  7. Intimate communication and bonding; anonymous communication and individuation
  8. Intimacy
  9. Loss
  10. How and when we find out who we really are: if we really are anyone, or if we really ever know