A ten week course, providing a systematic introduction to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger syndrome, and autism spectrum conditions (ASC).

  1. Diagnostic criteria and assessment.  ICD-10/11, DSM-5. NICE guidelines and quality statement.  American Pediatric Association guidelines.  Condition versus disorder
  2. Developmental assessment.  Gauging intellectual development and its impact. Assessing functional impact
  3. Assessing familial, social, emotional, and personal factors
  4. Conducting an assessment, and taking a family history
  5. Tests of physical, psychological, or brain function
  6. Assessing school, employment, and relationship functioning and applying that knowledge to make a personal formulation of impact
  7. Challenging or antisocial behaviour. Sensory issues
  8. Emotional or psychiatric disorder
  9. Working with third parties: schools, sibs, parents, partners, children, employers, authorities e.g. prisons, courts, police, health staff
  10. Making a personalized plan to respond to the diagnosis. Advice, therapies, and other interventions