An introduction to both quantitative and qualitative methods in research, over 10 weeks covering:

  1. Introduction, with an explanation of the use of reflective exercises, self-assessment questions, and self-evaluation quizzes.  Research questions.  How we find out about the world: causal explanation and reasons
  2. Deductive reasoning and induction inference.  The philosophy of the natural and the social sciences.
  3. How to obtain evidence with the minimum of error and prejudice. Phenomenological and statistical approaches. Research Design.
  4. Common designs, including case studies, surveys, interviews, tests, and trials.  Why randomize, why control?
  5. Sampling Techniques in Health and Social Research, with an emphasis on transferability, generalizability, reliability, and validating of findings.
  6. Quantitative approaches
  7. Qualitative approaches
  8. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses..
  9. Critical Appraisal: the Quality of Research
  10. Research Ethics and Research Governance