Welcome to the Winter term 2016

Welcome to the Winter term 2016

by Digby Tantam -
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Hi everyone

I welcome new students this term both those on the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, and those on our new MSc, in Typical and Atypical Development through the Life-Span.  This new course focusses on autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

New students are encouraged to look at the orientation materials here.  (You need to be logged into Moodle for these links to work).  I will be arranging a forum for new students to post questions to and will be answering these on Tuesday 12th. January around the middle of the day.  So long as you have posted before this time, I will reply.

It is also an opportunity for any students who have completed year 1 including the research training modules to choose a supervisor and start on their research projects.  Before doing this you should check out the guidance on research planning and preparation in the orientation section.  If you are already logged in, you can find it here.  There is also a forum here where you can post questions, issues and quandaries.  I will be going there on the afternoon of Tuesday 12th. to respond to these.

Have a good term.

All the very best