The online modules of the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies, and some of the online modules for the DProf, the DCPsych, the MA in coaching, the MSc in working with diversity, the MSc in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditions, and the MA in existential and humanistic pastoral care.

Author: Digby Tantam


April 2018 A message for all current students

We are changing our methods of assessment.  Please look at your handbook in detail, but in brief, you will have to pass both the assignment(s) and a rating by your tutor of your participation.  This will be based on attendance at the forums and the chat, feedback from other students on your forum posts, your hyperlink posts to Link Critic, and your participation in any group activities such as the mock tribunal on the ethics course.

If this causes you any issues, please post in the Board of Studies forum, so that we can discuss the problems at the next Board.

We will also be moving to yet another theme, 'Boost', that is better supported by Moodle. This is to fix a problem with the Turnitin plug in.