Available courses

A place to submit your final project so that you have a Turnitin report to attach to the email copy.

An induction and orientation module for doctoral students

A module looking at issues around sexuality, gender and other differences in identity.

An introduction to theory around worldview and beliefs.

A foundation module covering core existential and humanistic approaches.

A foundation course module introducing key theories in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.

A foundation module covering key themes and issues in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching.

The first module for coaches and pastoral carers. Learn the fundamentals of a therapeutic relationship.

A module covering theories on leadership and how to work with leaders from an existential perspective.

A final year module on group work.

The board of studies is a chance for you to comment on the effectiveness of you learning experience. It is an opportunity  for staff and students to discuss any issues arising, learn about new developments, and give feedback. 

The forum will be open for one week before the date of the board for people to leave comments, and a live chat will be scheduled twice a year to work through matters arising from the forum with the senior staff at NSPC and a Middlesex representative.