by Digby Tantam -
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Hi everyone

Welcome to the Autumn term 2015. We have upgraded Moodle again, adding new functionality, including peer review of discussion forum postings (which counts towards your marks if you are an MSc student).   Please make sure that you rate your colleagues posts so that they can earn extra marks.

We have redesigned this front page, and implemented the Moodle app for smart phones.  So you will be able to navigate to hear from your Android or iOS device.  

For the first time this term, we are offering an induction course to all our new online students, including established students as well as starters.   This starts on the 21st. September.  You can find it under 'Orientation' at http://moodle.nspc.org.uk/course/index.php?categoryid=9.

As our student numbers grow we are introducing some unmoderated chatroom sessions.  Your tutors will give you the details.  We will still expect--and check that everyone attends all of the chats.

Middlesex University have approved a new online MSc, in Typical and Atypical Development through the Life Span, and the first students on that course should be joining next month. 

If you have any problems, do get in touch with your tutor or with myself.  I hope that you enjoy the modules, and enjoy working with your fellow learners as well as the tutors. 

All the best